Inspiration is the source of creativity but how and where do you find it? It goes without saying that each designer has his own means to get inspired: some by written words and stories, others by images. I would like to share the following five inspiring online sources which have proven to be very useful to me.

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"A picture is worth a thousand words". Keeping this in mind Vastmix is a real gem. A Tumblr based website that simply shows photos in a masonry grid. The theme is 'fashion' and the subjects range from editorial design to stationary design to photography.


For those who prefer the written word to illustrations Ultralinx is a usefool tool. A blog started by the well-known English designer Oliur Rahman. You will find daily updates on trends in design, font styles, photography, interior design, etc.


A true source of inspiration for the web designers amongst us. Fine brands with even more attractive websites. The people behind Httpster describe their website as follows: "an inspiration resource showcasing totally rocking websites” which hits the nail on the head!


One of my favourites. Designspiration is a platform comparable to Vastmix: an infinite scroll, masonry grid with endless inspiring examples. A big advantage is the search function when you are looking for something specific. The user can specify a search not only by using terms but also by using colour combinations.

Semplice Showcase

The number one never-ending story for designers is their portfolio. Every Dribbble account has at least three 'portfolio update posts'. To find inspiration check out Semplice Labs, created by the German designer Tobias van Schneider. A platform meant to build designers' portfolios. Because it is a popular platform, directed at many so-called 'Dribbblers', I highly recommend the Semplice Showcase as a source of inspiration; a clear overview of original portfolios.


Q: How do these online sources boost creativity for designers?

A: These online sources provide a wealth of inspiring content, including images, design trends, font styles, and portfolios, which can spark new ideas and creative approaches to design.

Q: Can I use these sources for specific design niches or industries?

A: Yes, many of these sources cover various design niches, such as fashion, web design, interior design, and more, allowing you to find relevant inspiration for your specific projects.

Q: How often are these online sources updated?

A: The online sources mentioned in the blog post are updated regularly, providing fresh and up-to-date content to keep you inspired.

Q: Are these sources accessible for free?

A: Yes, all of these online sources offer free access to their content, making them readily available for designers of all levels.

Q: Can I save or bookmark my favorite inspirations from these sources?

A: Yes, many of these websites provide options to save or bookmark your favorite inspirations, allowing you to create your own personalized design inspiration library.

Q: Are these online sources suitable for both beginners and experienced designers?

A: Absolutely! These sources cater to designers of all levels, offering a wide range of inspirations and ideas to benefit both beginners and experienced designers.

Q: Can I submit my own work to these online sources?

A: Some of these platforms allow designers to submit their work for consideration, giving you the opportunity to showcase your own creations and gain exposure.

Q: How can I make the most of these sources to boost my creativity?

A: Regularly visit these online sources, explore different categories, take notes of design elements that catch your eye, and use them as a starting point to experiment with your own unique design ideas.