Ruben Stom Design is an independent online studio with the main focus on creating elegant design templates and product mockups for the design community.

Originally founded in 2015 by Ruben Stom, a Dutch graphic designer. Inspired by elegant and modern aesthetics, striving to make appealing designs more accessible, affordable and fun for creatives all around the world.

The Collection

The current collection offers products ranging from printable products such as magazine and business card templates to digital products such as product mockups and social media templates. The products by Ruben Stom Design are specifically designed with the creative do-it-yourselfer in mind. Each template is fully customizable with either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe InDesign, depending on the product, and meant to create stunning products that tell your story in a unique way.

My Beliefs

Exceptional design should not be restricted to an exclusive circle of professional graphic designers, but should be available to all creatives. The diverse collection of printable and digital products caters to a wide range of needs and artistic styles, ensuring that everyone can find templates that match the needs of their project.

With a strong dedication to user-friendliness, each template in the collection is purposefully made to be easily customizable. Whether you choose to work with Adobe Photoshop or Adobe InDesign, the templates are carefully optimized to make the creative process seamless, allowing you to focus on expressing your ideas rather than getting lost in technicalities.

My commitment to providing elegant, accessible, and fun design solutions remains unwavering. I thank each and every member of our design community for joining me on this creative journey, and I look forward to sharing designs with you.

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